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Hello to every fan of the Elder Scrolls universe!

A few fellows and fair lady make the excellent music in the Elder Scrolls themes.
But they need your help to make the great concept album!…

Would be great to hear it with the aid of you.

P.S. My new art will be on the cover)
Dres slaveholder

Sketch of the guy for the new House.
The unexpected premium

Thank you very much, Anonymous Deviant! This is so unexpected!
Hi, everyone!
I decide to continue the cycle about Great Houses of Morrowind. There are three houses remain to draw: Indoril, Dres and the Sixth House (Dagoth).
Actually I didn't knew, what can I draw? Therefore my sincere gratitude to ~CorvusCorax92 (, who has wrote a great treatise about all the aspects of the Houses. For my luck he is a real LOREmaster.
Also special thanks for all persons who told me "are you going to draw the House Dagoth?.."
So wait a little, I have some sketches now. And the Sixth House is ready by 80%.

A new work, based on the previous models and flat persons. I want to show a bustle of the silt strider station (well, is it the port or a station), get the atmosphere of misty morning.

Hi, everybody! Sorry for my absence all this time. I had to rest)
My new work will call "The caravan". With my favorite beast silt strider as a protagonist.
I hope to finish it for 3 weeks.
It's so strange day... When I left my home at the morning, I couldn't imagine the burst of activity tonight. I don't know the source of this qualitative changes (something from Chaos Theory, you know))), but in any case THANKS, GRACIAS, СПАСИБО, MERCI, DANKE, etc. for all your favs, watches and comments!

A part of background of my new work. I hope to finish at april.

New picture. New technique. It's going to be in march.
See also original sketch below. My love to geography and topography was expressed in this view.


I hope this sketches will become a full-fledged pictures.
Balmora. The dark side

The life of Hlaalu capital Balmora. Some gangsters (I think they are from Camonna Tong), some victims, some citizens. Dark backstreet where the shady dealings are done.
The size of the picture "Dragon2" was increased.
Now it's 1600x1200. Unfortunately, it can't be larger ((
Arrival of Nerevarine

A new work is going to be for 2 or 3 weeks, I hope.
As you guess, it's Seyda Neen))
Silt Strider port